Pepsi’s Unlikely Spokesperson


Pepsi has found an unlikely spokesperson. That person is NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who is known for…not speaking much. How could the man who gets fined thousands of dollars for not speaking to the media be a spokesperson for any company? Well Pepsi has unlocked the secret through creativity, using comedy to play off of Lynch’s notoriety for speaking very little.

The use of ad-libbing is genius, which allows even non-NFL fans to find this funny and memorable. It used to be the case where big companies would only sponsor the likes of a Tom Brady or LeBron James (people who are well-mannered and media friendly). However, within the past couple of years, companies have been more than willing to jump on players with big or interesting personalities. While this can carry more risk, the reward for capitalizing on what’s “in” due to the culture created by the internet and social media is too great for businesses to pass up. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt Pepsi has scored a touchdown with this ad.


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