H&M Wins in Diversity and Comedy


Last week, H&M released two ads that caught my eye. The first was an ad featuring Muslim model Mariah Idrissi. In a time where there is still a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment in the Western world, it’s interesting to see H&M make the dive. However, despite some hostility toward certain ideas and minorities, change is inevitable (gay marriage is now legal nationwide, a thought that would be considered crazy 15 years ago), and inclusion and representation are now becoming necessary for companies to attract a wide audience (as the International Business Times reports).

The second ad featured soccer star David Beckham and comedian Kevin Hart. As expected with any ad featuring Kevin Hart, there were laughs to be found. This ad highlights two things: one, that no matter how ridiculous the premise, as long as it is well executed, the product will shine, and two, the “odd couple” routine is a safe winner. The kicker in all this is that the product never gets lost or forgotten, as is the case with some comedic ads. Beckham and Hart constantly showcase the clothes (in comedic matching fashion), and that is the most important thing of all.


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