The Beauty of a Watch


I used to think that a watch was useless in today’s day and age, since most people now use their smart phones to tell the time. But after receiving one as a gift almost two years ago, I’ve come to change my mind. Nowadays, I think it’s a great thing to own and use a watch (my mother insists that every man should own at least one watch). I have grown to lament our society’s over-dependence on technology, and owning and using a watch has in part reminded me of a time where things were simpler and more beautiful.

Another thing I lament is the dying trade of the watchmaker, which has happened due to the technological revolution. Many watches are works of art, and it’s a shame that in perhaps 100 years we won’t see many of these amazing pieces. Still not convinced that watches are art? I suggest you take a look at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, Switzerland. Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel through Europe, and Geneva happened to be one of my stops. The Patek Philippe Museum was a definite must see. Photos weren’t allowed, but Google has plenty of images of some of the incredible watches on display.


Today, tech companies have tried creating their own watches, the most prominent example being the Apple Watch. However, these just aren’t the same as normal watches. They aren’t works of art, merely pieces of tech that need to be upgraded yearly like a smart phone. Therefore, there’s no sentimental value; you can’t pass down an Apple Watch to your son as you would a classic watch. There are some things technology can’t do, and in the case of a watch, it can’t capture its beauty.

These will never be as beautiful as a classic watch.
These will never be as beautiful as a classic watch.

5 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Watch

  1. I actually really like this post. I absolutely love watches, real watches. The only reason I never wear them is because I honestly hate the way they look on me. Perhaps, it is because my arms are short or maybe because they are chubby. Either way, I choose to admire them from afar instead. My dad works for a swiss company. They speak so highly of Switzerland that I have committed myself to getting my family there for a trip, someday anyway. In my opinion, Patek Philippe is much better than Rolex. Both are quite expensive though, so it is unlikely I will ever own one or be able to gift one. I also really admire pocket watches. Since those do not involve my wrists, I might actually invest in one. Good post!

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  2. my watch isn’t as cool as your’s, but i do miss the days where people actually looked at their wrist rather than check their smartphone to see the time. Good post.

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