Domino’s Is Ahead of the Curve


Domino’s is the hottest pizza chain around. What other pizza store allows you to order by using emojis? Not only that, they’re the only chain to really invest in the mobile experience, adding a Siri-like voice recognition system to their mobile app last summer and a smart watch app earlier this year. And it’s now paying dividends, especially in the UK.

Domino’s said in its third-quarter trading update that group sales in the UK rose by 15.6% to £641.2 million ($980 million). Sales also rose by 17% due to revenue through digital channels. It is 35% ahead of last year’s Q3 earnings and more than 75% of delivered sales in the year to date have been online, with more than half of these placed through the mobile app.


But it doesn’t stop there; Domino’s is entering the car business, rolling out it’s brand new DXP delivery car which took 4 years to build. The car, which debuted in Detroit last week, has a built in oven. This is incredibly smart branding on the part of Domino’s. Why? Because it further cements Domino’s commitment to the customer, as they want all their orders to arrive hot just like it was made. Combined with their 30 minutes or less guarantee, the consumer experience just got a whole lot better.

Additionally, these cars are the perfect mobile advertising (for Chevrolet as well, the company who provided the cars). With their unique look and even a hashtag, many people will notice these cool cars as more are deployed around the country. In short, you done good Domino’s. Deliver on.



One thought on “Domino’s Is Ahead of the Curve

  1. Nick, The story about apps and Dominos is a great link. What I like about your posts is that they all seem to relate directly to you and your interests which is what I hope for in all the work done by my students. There is also a thoroughness of coverage on any topic you choose to post about. Good work.


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