A Look at Sebastiao Salgado


Sebastiao Salgado’s TED talk about the silent drama of photography really moved me, especially when he was talking about environmental conservation. The environment is very important to me, and I briefly talked about my love for nature in my MET post. I have a pessimistic attitude in regards to my overall view on human nature and life; part of the reason why is how we have treated our planet. We’ve caused more destruction and harm than any other species.

But despite my disdain for human nature, I can’t help but applaud the efforts of individuals in trying to restore and fix the harm we’ve done. My overall world view should dictate that I find these efforts are futile, as most people won’t care. But I’m human and therefore imperfect, so I’m allowed some moments of ideological inconsistency. So it pleases me to see Salgado restore part of the destroyed rainforest. Planting 2.5 million trees (200 different species as well!) deserves commendation.

Before and after of Salgado's family farm.
Before and after of Salgado’s family farm.

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