Museum of Natural History Visit, 11/11/15


The above image is from the only Korean exhibit on display in the Asian Peoples wing at the Museum of Natural History. While it is slightly disappointed to see only one exhibit from my culture, I’m glad there is one. This exhibit also speaks to me, as it reminds me of my mother. The clothing on display is called hanbok (한복), the traditional Korean garb. My mother has one that is very similar. I even have one. While growing up in my home, we wore hanbok for Korean cultural occasions, like New Year’s Day. The chest is also a very traditional piece of furniture. My mother has several in our home.

12346447_10153777430653044_1696894894492497888_n 12313761_10153777430603044_3560063437492360167_n 12299183_10153777431473044_6913823229059413387_n

The above three images are all of animals that have greatly suffered in recent history due to human action, especially the third which is of the American Bison. I have written about my affinity of nature, most recently in my Sebastiao Salgado post. It pains me to see how destructive humans are. We’ve eradicated countless of species from this planet, and despite efforts to protect certain species, human selfishness and greed have still managed to circumvent these efforts (see black rhinoceros or atlantic bluefin tuna). Unfortunately, I do not see this destructive attitude to ever change, as we still can’t learn from our own history.


As you can see from the above exhibit description, the weapons and armor on display are of the Moro people. This fascinated me because I had no idea there was a community of Muslim people indigenous to the Philippines.  Even today, they comprise about 5% of the total Philippine population. It just goes to show the incredible diversity prevalent in all parts of the world. In the United States, a good example would be the Mormon community primarily based in Utah.


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